11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Reaching One More for Christ

Speaker: Pastor Moses Wan (Hope KL)

In Luke 10:2 Jesus said, “ The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into the harvest field”. Evangelism is not just a program that we run during the special occasion in church but it is our lifestyle as the disciples of Jesus. Just imagine what will happen if every disciple starts to make evangelism their lifestyle and is more intentional in reaching one more soul for Jesus. In this session, we will learn Jesus’ model of evangelism from the gospel and contextualize it in our setting. You will learn practical tips on how to integrate evangelism into your daily lives in a non-threatening way to your pre-believers friends. Everyone can be a harvester in the Kingdom of God.


Identity: (Re)discovering God’s design

Speakers: Ps Torch & Lisa Leung (Hope Brisbane)

To truly be alive is to know who God has made us be. God created us to function according to His perfect design. Yet, our ever-changing culture has spun everything God has built on its head – everything from our gender identity to sex, the definition of love, to other social issues. We face some unique challenges in today’s post-Christian western culture where it left a whole generation of people, young and old, uncertain and confused about what the truth is anymore. Join this session to (re)discover what God’s OG design is and how we can live in today’s culture while standing up for truth.

This session is targeted at youth and young adults.


Mental Health: How do I care and support?

Speakers: Dr John Warlow (Living Wholeness), Karen Nivala (Brisbane School of Theology)

With the past lockdowns and on going pandemic, mental health has been put on everyone’s radar. When loving someone with a mental illness, we often can be left feeling helpless. How do I even know if someone has a mental illness? How do I draw alongside them and support them well? What if I am suffering from a mental illness myself too? What is some of the integration of psychology and theology? If you find yourself thinking about these questions, this session will help you to grow further in exploring how to help a loved one with mental illness.



1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Raising Resilient Kids and Teens

Speaker: Eric Agyman (School Revival, Focus on the Family)

‘Parent’s, the most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home’- Harold B. Lee As Parent’s you want the best possible future for your child/teen, The challenge is, youth nowadays are exposed to so much peer pressure through social media and pop culture influence, making you feel concerned about their future. Research has proven that kids who feel they belong at home, have a healthy relationship with their parents perform better academically, socially, psychologically and are less likely to be involved in risky behaviour. In this session, parents will learn practical ways to build resilience, confidence and a sense of belonging for your kids which will lead to a more connected and meaningful relationship to position your kids for their best possible future!

This session is targeted at parents and parents-to-be.


When Work and Faith Collide

Speaker: Ps Brendan Kirby (Hope Adelaide)

From mundane tasks to corporate politics and difficult coworkers…let’s be honest, work can be difficult, frustrating, stressful and boring. On top of all this, there is the pressure to conform, which can often be overwhelming. The divide between work and faith could never feel more real. So, how do we integrate our faith with our day-to-day jobs? How do we find meaning in our work? In this session, we will look into how our faith in God is fundamental to our lives and our ministry, wherever God places us. Let’s journey together in discovering how we can have an effective faith that shines in our place of ministry, our workplace, and be an influencer for the kingdom of God.

This session is targeted to people in the workforce.


Alive in God Amidst Life Chaos

Speaker: Ps Helen Kirby (Hope Adelaide)

At times life can be overwhelming, you can find yourselves enveloped in chaos. When the storms of life come rolling in, how do you cling to your faith and stay alive in God? When you find yourself in a season of waiting, pain or grief, how do you stay the course in God? In this session, Ps Helen will guide us through some principles in how to hear from God in these seasons, and walk out stronger.