OC2023 Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are happening on Friday 2pm and 3:45pm. There are three forms of delivery for the breakout sessions:

  • Speaker presenting in-person at Unidus + broadcast online
  • Speaker presenting online + on-screen at Unidus
  • Speaker presenting only In-person at Unidus

There is no need to pre-register for the breakout sessions. However, for in-person delegates – breakout session tickets will be available on Friday morning 10:15 am onwards and each room has limited seats, so arrive in advance to secure your spot; for online delegates, each room has a limit number of participants and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis, so log in to the session earlier to secure your spot.


Friday 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm


This is an evangelistic focus session. God adds people into a community of believers, not into a religion to identify with.


James Schleusener is a multifaceted individual known for his dedication to ministry, entrepreneurship, and community-building. With over 20 years of experience in various fields, he has left a remarkable impact on those he serves. As a missional consultant, James is passionate about empowering churches and organizations to embrace their mission and purpose fully. His innovative ideas and strategic insights have helped numerous congregations find new ways to reach out and engage with their communities. Through his endeavors and endeavors, James continues to touch lives, leaving a lasting legacy of love, support, and purpose-driven living. His heart for community and his unwavering faith continue to inspire others to find their place and purpose in the world.


It is inevitable that we are observing a rise in various social issues in current society that are challenging our values, beliefs, and faith as Christ believers. Let’s hear from Christopher as he explains how can we stand firm in what God wants us to believe in and continue to thrive as His followers against the tide.


Christopher is the director of public policy at the Australian Christian Lobby South Australia. He is also a nationally accredited mediator and is the deputy chair of the law society mock trial competition. Christopher practices in all forms of estate litigation, Administrative and Constitutional law, human rights law and commercial and civil matters. He is truly one that know the importance of making wise decisions in the public arena.


A heart of worship is the core engine behind a thriving life in Jesus. This heartbeat fuels every aspect of life, through every season in life. It’s our connection to the life source Himself, be it times of success and fruitfulness, and through failures and barrenness. Join us to explore, deepen and enlarge your heartcore of worship to thrive!


Dan Korocz is currently the Worship Director of C3 SYD under the amazing leadership of Ps Phil and Chris Pringle. Dan has known Jesus from as early as he can remember! Leading worship in Youth at just 15yrs old, there began an awakening of passion for the presence of God, songwriting and the church. Fast forward to 2019, Dan is as passionate as he’s ever been, while overseeing 300 musicians and singers across their 10 locations. More than just leading, speaking and developing worship teams, he is a skilled and prophetic songwriter. Dan has led worship & preached in many contexts, cultures and nations and has been a part of the last fifteen C3 albums. His greatest passion in leading and serving is to see people encounter God.


This session will discuss the importance of having faith through the daily difficulties of life.  If we want to succeed in our God given challenges, ministries and relationships then we need to walk by faith that God will be our source of guidance and strength.  We will briefly outline some common weaknesses that limit us on various fronts.  Some personal testimonies will be given describing battles of faith and how God led us through to victory as we trusted in Him and believed in His word.  


Pastor Brendan is the senior pastor of Hope Church, Adelaide. He became a Christian in 1984, and joined Hope Melbourne in early 1991. In the 1980’s Brendan trained in physics at The University Of Melbourne, and graduated with a PhD in Applied Nuclear Techniques of Analysis in 1989. Since then he worked as a post doctoral fellow and research scientist for about 23 years in various government research organizations. Brendan was privileged to marry Helen in 1994 and on 1st Jan 1998 they moved to Adelaide to plant the Hope Church together. Working as a partnership they’ve grown the church over the last 24 years! He oversees churches in South Australia and Western Australia, and conducts missions work with churches in West Africa, India and DRC under Hope International Ministries.


Lawrence came to know Christ through Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) Perth. He started his working life as a physiotherapist in Singapore before serving full-time as a pastor where he was involved in supporting missions in South-East Asia, South Africa, Europe and South America. Lawrence is in bivocational ministry working as part time as a physiotherapist and coordinator for Hope Church Perth. He is married to Pat and they have a teenage son, Jonathan. I enjoy my sports (sometimes a bit too much), listening to music or reading a good book, and doing the odd DIY project.



God is one who leads and guides us in every area of our lives, including when it comes to our romantic relationships. Come and join us to find out more about God’s heart in this area, and to hear some practical insights to help you in your courtship journey.


Jason and Ee Laine are currently part of the senior leadership team at the university student ministry in Hope Church Brisbane, and they are passionate in seeing the younger generation on fire for Jesus. They’re happily married for 4 years, and has a young son Eden Joe Chia. Together, Jason and Ee Laine are excited about seeing romantic relationships thriving in the way God intended them to be, and for couples to fulfil the purpose of God in their lives.



Friday 3:45 pm – 5:00 pm


We are all created BY God and FOR God, our pursuit and purpose must begin with God! It is only in God that we can discover our purpose, our identity and our destiny. Hear from Ps Benny on how we can discern our calling and destiny and how to steward it for Kingdom advancement.


Pastor Benny Ho is currently the senior pastor of Faith Community Church in Perth, Australia. Pastor Benny Ho has seen a lifetime of ministry; including missions work with World Vision, planting bible schools around Asia, and over twenty years as a pastor in the local church. Pastor Benny is passionate about expository preaching and has a life goal of preaching through every book of the Bible. As the Senior Pastor of Faith Community Church, Pastor Benny is known for his down-to-earth humour and approachable leadership style.


In this session we’ll explore how to approach investing from a kingdom perspective. You’ll learn what God’s word says about wealth creation, key investment principles, where to get started and how to build a robust investment portfolio that is purposeful.


Alex Cook is the CEO & Founder of Wealth with Purpose, an organisation that equips Christians to honour God with their finances, by teaching them sound financial planning skills based on the wisdom of the Bible. Alex is passionate about helping Christians ensure that their financial house is in order so that they can fulfil the purposes for which God has called them. Alex is regularly quoted in Secular and Christian media, including the Australian Financial Review, Vision FM, Hope 103.2FM and has also appeared as a guest expert on TV programs such as Sky Business – Your Money, Your Call.


Behind our relationship with Christ, our family is the most important part of our lives. However, family life can be challenging in different seasons. Yet God desires us to thrive in the relationship we have in our family and grow together with His help and in His strength. “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.” – Isaiah 54:2. In this session, we will be exploring ways in which one’s marriage and parenting lives can continue to thrive in the midst of demanding schedules of the many roles that we play in live.


Pastor Lai Ling is the senior pastor of Hope Church Brisbane. She is responsible for the intercessory and prophetic ministries in Hope International Ministries, a global church planting family of churches. She also assists her husband Pastor Wilson in his role as the President of Hope International Ministries. Ps Lai Ling is passionate about helping Christ-followers find freedom, encountering and being anointed by Father God for supernatural ministry. She is known for her heart-touching preaching and prophetic ministry.


The Gospel is more than a message we share with a pre-believer.  God intends the Gospel to take center stage in a believer’s life such that the power of His love and the manifold beauty of His wisdom and goodness are clearly demonstrated in our daily lives.  The session provides insights on troubled times and practical tips on living a gospel-centric life that thrive in troubled times.


Pastor Ian is currently the advisory pastor of Hope Church Melbourne. In 1999, he began leading Hope Melbourne Waverly Centre, and became Senior Pastor over Hope Melbourne in 2006. In line with his teaching anointing, he has a deep understanding of the word of God and a focus on rightly discerning truth to resolve difficult issues. He carries a deep burden to see unity of understanding as disunity caps revival. He has a strong interest in origins, the end times, God’s plan and purpose and areas of confused biblical teaching because they cause people to turn away from God. He carries a keen interest in prayer and the prophetic which underlies much of his ministry.


Shen has been the church co-ordinator for Hope Church Hobart in Tasmania since 2005. Through over 18 years of pioneering as a church planter, Shen has witnessed the power of the gospel to transform lives (including her own).  Her authentic sharing to impart her passion to be Christ-centric and Holy Spirit led can help simplify your faith for greater sustainability, transformation and joy!


This workshop is specifically designed for high school students who are eagerer to live out their faith authentically. Navigating the pressures and expectations of our teenagers years while staying true to one’s beliefs can be a challenge. This interactive session aims to equip and inspire young people to embrace their unique spiritual journey, confidently living for Jesus in every aspect of high school life. During this workshop, we will delve into common struggles faced by high school students seeking to live out their faith authentically. We will discuss timeless principles, practical steps in a safe and supportive environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the power of living out real faith in a really challenging age!


Chris Bee is currently leading the Ablaze youth ministry team and worship team at Hope Church Brisbane. Chris has a deep passion for the Word of God and his heart is for the younger generation to come and experience the fullness of Christ. He is also much loved as a communicator with his ability to employ insightful (and humorous) storytelling to amplify biblical truth.