Hope Church Conference 2019 ‘Heroes Revival’ consists several Christ-centred sessions, awakening your heart to His ultimate grace and love and respond in faith and action.

6 PM Registration Starts
7 PM – 9PM Session One


8:30 AM Kids Conference Drop-off
9 AM Session Two
11 AM Morning Tea
11:30 AM Session Three
12:30 PM Lunch (Meal Provided)
2 PM Breakout Sessions
3:30 PM Free Time and Dinner Break (Meal Provided)
6:30 PM Session Four


9 AM Kids Conference Drop-off
10 AM Session Five
12 PM Close of Conference

Breakout Sessions

Seven breakout session, seven God-inspired topics; Whether you are new parents, new believer, graduating or in the working field, there is something for everyone.

1. Raising Young Heroes of Faith

Discover keys to raising young children of faith (1-11 years of age). Nurture their faith in God to give them a solid start to discover and step into their God-given destinies. We will look at how to work with our children’s unique personalities, gifts and strengths to live for the glory of God.

2. When Young Heroes Hit their Teens

Are your children approaching or walking through their teens? Are your prayers sky rocketing when you think about them? We’ll explore how to help your children keep their roots while they spread their wings. We can equip ourselves to walk with our teenagers in a journey of mutual and intentional growth, that trusts God to guide and grow them. Growing up doesn’t have to mean growing apart.

3. Ambition in the Marketplace

We’ll address the truths and myths by distinguishing the principles of godly ambition vs worldly ambition in the marketplace. Discover principles to sort through our motivations and guide our spirit of excellence, while remaining a faithful and faith-filled disciple of Jesus.

4. Passion or Responsibility: Pursuing God’s will

Explore principles to navigate through seasons of seeking God’s direction in the world. Should passion or responsibility fuel our choices of career paths, job opportunities, ministry opportunities, and even relationships. Relevant for recent graduates, soon-to-be-graduates and seasoned workers.

5. Guarding your Inner Revival

Inner revivals birth external revivals. While the secrets to guarding our inner revival is not rocket science, yet they can be easier said than done. Explore principles and methods of how to prevent and overcome burnouts. Learn to be aware and recognising your signs. Gain hope and tools to navigate through dry seasons and keep your inner revival burning.

6. Hearing God for Ourselves

God is speaking to us all the time, but do we hear Him? Our lives can be filled with noise and voices that influence the way we think and feel. This session covers both biblical principles and practicals to eliminate the voice of the world and tune in to the voice of God daily.

7. Heroes’ Journey

There is a journey that is familiar to all heroes. Discover the stages of a heroes’ journey and understand why and how God leads us through it. Learn how heroes respond to and experience victory at every stage as God calls to deeper levels of intimacy and greater heroic ventures!

Hope Church Conference is an annual conference held in Brisbane, Australia.

Key Dates

Early Bird Registration Open: 14 July 2019
Early Bird Registration Close: 8 September 2019
Normal Registration Starts: 9 September 2019
Normal Registration Close: 14 September 2019
Conference Dates: 20-22 September 2019