Our Target Workshops

Our target workshops are happening on Saturday 26 June 2021, sessions timing as below:

  • 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
  • 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

No matter what season you are in, which demographic you belong to, how long have you been journeying with God, we have something for you! We earnestly pray and believe for God to REVIVE us through these workshops.

Do check out our list of target workshops and description before registering for OC2021. You will be prompted to choose two workshops when completing your registration.

Registration now open

Early bird registrations are open until 31 May 2021. Choose your target workshops when register.

REVIVE our Relationships

Raising Kingdom Kids in the Digital Age

Speakers: Brett & Kate Ryan
Time: 1:30pm

Technology is all around us and our children are very comfortable in being digital natives. Unfortunately for many parents it can be quite daunting and we want to protect our children from it being all consuming. Even though it is part of our lives, parents need to make sure their children have real relationships with real people and most importantly to have a relationship with God. This workshop will offer some practical guidance for establishing meaningful communication and connection with their young and teen children who are caught up in a digital world so they can be screenwise.

This workshop is targeted at parents.


Relationship or Relation-slips

Speakers: Khoa & Stephanie Kim, Eugene & Ming Saw
Time: 1:30pm

God is one who leads and guides us in every area of our lives, including when it comes to our romantic relationships. Whether you’re currently in a courtship or single, come and join us to find out more about God’s heart in this area, and to hear some practical insights to help you in this journey. Topics covered in this workshop includes building a relationship that honours God, what to look for in your life partner, tips for courtship, etc.

This workshop is targeted at students and young adults.

Healthy Habits in Marriage

Speakers: Torch & Lisa Leung, Eddie & May Burrell
Time: 11:00am

Marriage is a commitment that lasts a lifetime and a gift that teaches us God’s love. It is a lifetime journey to find the key to making our marriage flourish – just as God designed. Our speaker’s passion is to see marriages whole and thriving as couples learn how to better love and communicate with each other. Come along to this workshop as we discover what it means and how to build healthy habits in marriage.

This workshop is targeted at couples in courtship or in marriage.

REVIVE our Marketplace Influence

Connecting Faith to your Work Life and your Business

Speaker: Peter Irvine
Time: 11:00am

It is a challenge to maintain balance between living in the secular world and thriving in our spiritual lives. Can we be a good Christian and be successful in our career at the same time? Is it possible to realize our full potential in our career and still be found favorable in the eyes of God? In this workshop, Peter will cover 8 areas that would help you to connect faith to your every day career life. Whether you are an employee or a business owner, come join us to discover some practical tips on how to rely on God to teach and guide us on our career journey.

Biblical Entrepreneurship: How to Run a Business God's Way

Speaker: Kody Thompson
Time: 1:30pm

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to conform to worldly business practices. As a Christian, though, it’s important that we follow in God’s ways, including in the area of business! As we do so we are able to continue to stand firm in our faith and shine God’s light wherever He places us. “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2.
In this workshop, Kody will outline some guidelines and principles on how to practically build a business God’s way. Whether you currently own a business, or are interested in entering into the world of entrepreneurship, this workshop will be helpful for you!

Transitioning into the Workforce

Speaker: Andy Leake
Time: 1:30pm

“Exhausted.” “Lost.” “Anxious.” “Everything’s a struggle.” These are some of the ways that recent graduates would describe their experience transitioning from university to the professional world. Despite being advised to hit the ground running, many young people felt disoriented, confused, dissatisfied, and in many cases overwhelmed with the “real world.” This workshop will aim to help those who just enter the workforce, or current students who will be entering the workforce soon to navigate the transition. Topics covered in this workshop include getting the best out of yourself at the workplace by being engaged and adding value, maintaining your generosity as your income grows, managing expectations and politics, etc.

This workshop is targeted for students and young adults.

REVIVE our Inner Life

Guarding our Hearts Through a Significant Life Change

Speakers: Denis Lu
Time: 11:00am & 1:30pm

Life throws us some curve balls and some blows. From transitions in life stages, changes in careers or cities, unexpected loss of relationships or health. Significant change in our life situations can rock our boats and strain our relationship with Jesus and His church. So, how can we guard our hearts above all else? “Above all else, gueard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” – Proverbs 4:23

Re-Dig Spiritual Wells for Personal Revival

Speakers: Lai Ling Lim
Time: 11:00am & 1:30pm

We need to be personally revived in our spiritual lives time and time again. Join Ps Lai Ling in this workshop as we discover and identify matters that could have potentially clogged up our spiritual wells together. Let us experience God’s help in re-digging spiritual wells in our journey to draw closer to God and encounter personal revival.

REVIVE our Outreach Spirit

Loving and Reaching our First Nation People

Speakers: Tim Edwards & Bevan Mailman
Time: 11:00am 

Learn and be inspired with an interview-forum time with indigenous apostle Tim Edwards and M.D. of Jaramer legal Bevan Mailman, who are both sent of God to reach and bless indigenous peoples across our nation. Catch the heartbeat for soul winning, discipleship and church planting, as well as social justice in the marketplace. See how a vibrant, cutting edge move of God is playing out among our first nation people today, in this ‘Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.’

Mentoring and Multiplication

Speakers: Patrick & Sarah Ching
Time: 11:00am & 1:30pm

Hope Canberra grew from a church size of 20ish to 70ish in the last 6 years. Patrick and Sarah will share their experience and journey in mentoring leaders that had enabled the church to experience growth and Multiplication in this workshop.

How to Reach Australians Near You?

Speakers: Keith Moody
Time: 1:30pm

What is an Australian? Australian culture is rapidly changing. Nearly 1 in every 10 Australians, is of Asian origin. Over 26% of every Australian resident is born overseas. 49% of every person in Australia, has one or two parents who were born overseas. English is the predominate language utilised within Australia but with over 260 ethnic groups and 300 different languages being spoken, what we might describe as being “Aussie”, has changed. The mission field is now right next door to your home and suburb. What does the average Australian look like that you want to reach? Come and join us in this workshop as Keith Moody guide us through some significant strategies to reach Australians.

Missions Alive

Speakers: Brendan Kirby (alongside Hope India pastors)
Time: 11:00am

How can we plant churches in foreign countries with unfamiliar cultures and languages? We can either go and take the cultural barriers and language problems head-on ourselves – or we can simultaneously build relationships of trust with indigenous leaders from a variety of international regions who are loyal to the same vision and work with them to plant churches together. HIM has been pursuing this strategy in central and west Africa for almost 15 years and in India for almost ten years. This workshop will provide video testimonies of the progress of the gospel in HIM churches in these regions and will inspire you to play a role in international missions where the need for the gospel is SO great!

Apologetics in Evangelism

Speakers: Brendan Kirby & David Carusi
Time: 1:30pm

We get the word “apologetics” from the Greek word apologia, meaning a verbal defense. Peter uses this word in 1 Peter 3:15-16 when he says, “…but in your hearts regard Christ the Lord as holy, ready at any time to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you. Yet do this with gentleness and respect…” In this workshop, Ps Brendan and David will look into the Materialistic world vide that atheism is built on and how this world view fails to explain reality. We will discuss “Reasons to Believe” in God as our Creator with a logical rational foundation without relying upon mere dogma or assertion of opinion (which is what the idea of evolution has degraded into).

REVIVE our Ministry Passions

Taking the Kingdom Forward

Speakers: Lance & Belle Wolter
Time: 11:00am

Ps. Lance and Belle, along with their growing family, have been pioneering a number of different ministries and churches for over 20 years in both Australia and Africa. They currently oversee churches in Africa, NSW and Gold Coast. In this workshop they will share steps, God has given them to cultivate a sustainable, pioneering and fruitful momentum. As budding cultural architects, God has progressively given them the blueprint for multiplicity and real change in the Arts, Community development for the poor, Church planting and leadership development multiplication.

Becoming Christian Creatives

Speaker: Dan Korocz
Time: 11:00am

Marrying up our identity as Christians and Creatives is a journey for all of us who desire to use our creative gifts for God’s Kingdom purpose. Join us as we glean from special guests on the meaning of being a Christian Creative. We’ll explore some of the challenges of living in today’s world and tensions we need to navigate in the church. Our hope is you walk away gaining insights in growing as a Christian Creative.

This workshop is targeted at those currently in or interested in the creative ministry.

Emotional Intelligence for Youth: identifying, understanding and managing your emotions

Speaker: Anna Prajitna
Time: 11:00am

We all have heard people mention “IQ” (Intellectual quotient) when talking about how smart someone is. However, IQ is just one measure of our many abilities and there are many other kinds of intelligence in addition to intellect. One important type of intelligence is called the “emotional intelligence”. EQ or EI for short. It helps us build and maintain strong relationships, make good decisions, and deal with difficult situations and challenges in life.

When it comes to emotions, people have a wide range of opinions. Some believe that emotions are simply uncontrollable physical forces that must be repressed. Others may see them so important and use them as the basis for everything. Throughout the Bible, we find a variety of emotions expressed. How should we view emotions and can they affect our faith? Join us to discuss why emotional intelligence matters and learn practical steps of emotions regulation to help you better understand and manage your everyday emotions.

This workshop is targeted at youths and students.

Song Writing Workshop

Speakers: Stephen Lim
Time: 1:30pm

Song writing is an overflow of our time of worship in the presence of the Lord! In this workshop, Stephen will discuss topics like “What is Worship and Why do we Worship?” and “Ten Ways to Write Worship Songs”.